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Block x Block . . .

. . . transforming blight into beauty & opportunity

WE ARE . . . 

Two artists bringing our gifts, skills and talents to tackle pressing community concerns. Taking our creativity into the streets for transformative community change at a grassroots level.

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Our work is grounded within the context of  Arts-Based Community Development, Trauma Informed Community Building, Healing Historical Harms and other methodologies to guide how we work in community in order to do no harm. 

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WE WANT . . . 

To connect with a variety of creative and community stakeholders of all sorts, to further amplify the impactof creativity's transformative powers in communities far and wide.

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Nov. 1, 2020

We've spent the early days of fall harvesting the first round of sheds to upcycled in to furniture. Our community partner Project Lia has been instrumental in collecting the sheds, as well as spearheading their conversion.

The proto-type conversions are exciting and we'll share photos in the months to come via our Facebook page. So stay tuned!


Two of the sheds remain on-site near the intersection of Udell and Rader Streets to support the community transformation work of Aspire House. 

Circle City Sweet Potato Festival 


Due to rising numbers for the corona virus in our community, we have decided to cancel The Circle City Sweet Potato Festival Drive-Thru event.


Our goal was to celebrate with music and a free sweet potato giveaway in a drive thru type event.


With that said, what we offer are a few of the FAVORITE recipes from the past Sweet Potato Fests including:

  • The Odd Couple (sweet potato mac and cheese eggrolls by J and J Catering.

  • Sweet Potato Bars by Treats by Fee

  • Sweet Potato Butter by LaShawnda Crowe Storm

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